Gully Boy

2019 • 154 minutes
35 reviews
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About this movie

Murad is the 22-year-old son of a driver in Mumbai. His parents have worked to get him educated so that he could find a white-collar job. Instead, he finds a love for hip-hop and comes of age while using his music to highlight inequalities.(DIL/2/62/2019-MUM)
35 reviews
Borsing Borsingterang
July 12, 2022
So sweet and that the same for all of your life I can get the chance and get the best 🌟😮👤🌟😮🌟 you are not a little while and I will be there for the time and I can do the weekend of the same as last week but it will have to do it again in at least to go back in a bit more about this tomorrow and get the chance and that the same for you and I have a great job with that again and get the best today and will 🧴🛏️🎎💝💖💗😺💞 the other for a while and have to be a good friend I have is that is
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Ramu Chandu
December 10, 2021
Not good
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52_Raneet Saha
November 26, 2021
Flop flim Got paid awards
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