Heathens and Thieves

2012 • 110 minutes
7 reviews
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About this movie

When two desperate men overhear rumors that a railroad worker has run off with stolen gold to a ranch in Northern California, they put a plan in motion to steal the goods. Saul, the younger of the drifters, uses his charm to get hired on as ranch hand where trouble begins to stir. Between the affair with his new boss's beautiful wife and escaping ruthless mercenaries who are also after the treasure, Saul is forced to question: Who is betraying whom? MPAA Rating: NOTRATED

Ratings and reviews

7 reviews
Larry “Jonathan” Brooks
January 11, 2013
Long story, a lot of twists to who is who.. Not the action western I had hoped for. I good drama though.
Rosa Duran
January 30, 2020
😘😃😘 excelente día
Guillermo Segovia
July 8, 2021