Hillary's America

2016 • 106 minutes
745 reviews
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In HILLARY'S AMERICA, bestselling author and influential filmmaker D’Souza reveals the sordid truth about Hillary and the secret history of the Democratic Party. This important and controversial film releases at a critical time leading up to the 2016 Presidential campaign and challenges the state of American politics.
745 reviews
Cameron G
November 21, 2016
With high schools and colleges becoming radical left indoctrination centers, actual history like this is deliberately buried. It doesn't matter how hard a student pays attention in history class, the true history of the Democratic party will not be heard in a 21st century classroom. It's part of the left's insidious plan to rewrite history in order to keep the poor and underprivileged minorities under their thumb, in an effort to garner their votes at election time. It seems their plan has faltered.
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Daniel Motlagh
July 25, 2020
Captivated and Terrified I am a fan of both parties and just vote for the best nomination in my opinion, that aside, I loved this film, It's actually a really good Horror Conspiracy Film and I love these, if you do too don't miss out its top notch blood thirsty ruthless criminal masterminds ruling the world fun! I didn't take anything about the subject matter seriously because I only truly know myself, and this scared me to my very core! Thinking about it objectively in relation to myself.
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Kasie Moffett
November 16, 2016
This actually hurt to watch. The argument that Democrats are trying to "steal America" is not only weakly defended but also logically flawed. It is just the type of catchy, fear-mongering accusation the kind people who like this movie feed on. D'Souza pretends the evidence of racism and cruelty in the Democratic Party's infancy is some long-hidden secret that he has uncovered. While anyone who is even moderately versed in US History has known this. The information is so widely available that most people would have learned about this in their high school History classes. The people that say "they learned so much" from this movie are just proving how little they payed attention in class. The acclaim D'Souza has enjoyed from earlier conservative works seems to have gotten to his head and now he will say anything to capture the seemingly limitless, imaginative, baseless anger that can be squeezed out of right-wing conservatives.
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