History of the World, Part 1

1981 • 92 minutes
61 reviews
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About this movie

Join acclaimed funnyman Mel Brooks on an outrageous trip through history – and learn what "really" happened. Travel from a crazy spoof of 2001 to the Roman Empire, where Brooks plays a stand-up philosopher in Caesar's Palace, to the French Revolution, where Brooks is King Louis XVI, and the Spanish inquisition, where this time, singing monks and swimming nuns perform fabulous musical numbers!
61 reviews
Brandon Johnson
February 25, 2021
I was at a Q and A one time with Mel Brooks. When asked why he makes fun of the persecution of his people he simply said "laughter is the cheapest therapy, they lived through it and now they can laugh about it" And this is a movie with laughs. One of my favorites.
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Cindy Langston
August 29, 2021
"Inquisition! let's begin the Inquisition" my childhood was never better than that. So many skits and numbers in this movie you never stop laughing or singing.
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kris Julianne (Gresham)
March 22, 2022
I remember when this first came out. Love it. When or where is history of the world part 2 gonna be out. It was like 40 yrs ago and all I can find is part 1
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