How to Steal a Million

1966 • 123 minutes
114 reviews
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About this movie

In this elegant "caper" film, Audrey Hepburn stars as the daughter of a wealthy Parisian (Hugh Griffith), whose hobby is copying famous works of art. His replica of a famed Cellini sculpture is inadvertently displayed in an art museum, and he begins to worry that he'll lose his reputation once the experts evaluate the statuette. Audrey decides to rob the museum, and hires a burglar (Peter O'Toole) for that purpose. But the burglar is really a detective, who has every intention of arresting Audrey and her father when the deed is done. All style and little substance, How to Steal a Million is consummately acted by the stars, but the film is stolen hands-down by a "double take" reaction from French comic actor Moustache. The film was originally titled How to Steal a Million Dollars and Live Happily Ever After, which gave the whole game away and thus was pared down before release.

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114 reviews
September 20, 2017
Great movie. The one star is for Google movies. Stay away from buying movies from google. I constantly have problems streaming movies from Google. I have a 100MB connection and have no problems streaming from Netflix or Amazon. Google is not ready for prime time when it comes to streaming. Constantly locking up during the movie. Luckily I have only purchased a few movies from Google. NEVER again.
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Valentin Moscatello
May 6, 2017
Quirky and hilarious romance with a minorly suspenseful caper. (warning, you may want to turn the sound down a bit during the museum overnight scene if you have sensitive ears)
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Katherine Schoonover
May 24, 2014
This is such a cute movie. It is funny and lighthearted. I love the makeup and clothing Audrey Hepburn wears to meet the "burglar"
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