Human Centipede III: Final Sequence

2015 • 102 minutes
167 reviews
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Warning; graphic content. 500 prisoners, one body: the world's most deranged medical experiment reaches new heights in this final installment of the notoriously shocking trilogy. Stars Eric Roberts.
167 reviews
Harry Mcallister
May 23, 2015
What an epic,astonishing end to the trilogy.....I ADORE the previous two films and if you liked them both then chances are you're gonna like this. Unless you only watched them for the sickness, gore and disgusting scenes then you may be disappointed with this one. Compaired to the previous two this is actually quite tame,Do NOT misunderstand me this film STILL has its gruesome,gory,twisted and has some offensive sexual moments but it's fun and hilarious! I'll review it on YouTube if you like:)
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Richard Dawson
December 25, 2017
Okay I haven't watched it yet cuz I don't have my Google play card with me,but I see all these reviews and some of them are very postive!But most say it's not mad at say but I'm mad at the ones that say it's sicking or disgusting or way to much gore!READ THE WARNING OR GO ON UTUBE AND SEE WHAT UR GETTING INTO!!!before buying a movie I always watch the trailer and look at reviews.most importantly,if it's RATED R!!I see WHY it's rated r!!thank u for reading if u did!!also I loved the first ones!!😊😊😊 I'm 11 years old,get it together😒
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Nathan Cunningham
May 28, 2015
The 1st one was the best the 2nd and now the 3rd films just try to do the most shocking things they can think of without any thought or care for the acting, story or script. Again the 1st Human Centipede movie is the only one worth seeing.
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