Hurricane Bianca

2016 • 84 minutes
244 reviews
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About this movie

A fast-paced revenge comedy starring RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio (comic Roy Haylock). When a New York teacher is fired from a small Texan school for being gay, a friend suggests how to get even. Donning drag, he returns to the school as “Bianca,” and as everyone quickly learns, this is one teacher you don’t want to cross.
244 reviews
Chris Teague
October 22, 2016
First things first: Bianca is one of my favorite queens. I saw her live during the Rolodex of Hate tour and laughed longer and harder than I ever have at any comedy show ever! She is a GENIUS! That said, the story for this movie was just kind of bland to me. Sort of Dangerous Minds meets To Wong Foo, but somehow the stakes didn't feel as high and it needed something more over-the-top, like a field trip to the drag bar or makeovers for the dowdy faculty. The dialogue picks up once Bianca appears in full drag, but then the comedy centers more around the various insults (let's be honest, those are pretty excellent) and bits of petty revenge on the people of the school. It's worth a watch, and the acting and cameos are great, but don't expect a hilarious movie to watch and share with your non-RPDR-loving friends.
A Google user
October 24, 2016
I enjoyed it very much. Great jokes and a great way to showcase all of the talent found in it. Wonderful sub-plot as me emotional. And a great way to bring up some issues that still plague us. Bianca was amazing! I will definitely recommend it.
Collin Pizzo
January 13, 2017
clearly it's not cinematic production, but for what it was, it was well done. and it was so cleverly written and funny and overall lovable! bigots will hate it, which means it great!