I Am Legend

2002 • 96 minutes
205 reviews
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Will Smith plays (as far as his character knows) the last man on earth, our hero, Robert Neville, a sole survivor of a world dominating virus created by man, that initially takes out 588 million people in 2009, and was originally created to somehow cure cancer. In 2012, Neville (a former scientist) dedicates his life to surviving for the sake of the human race, since he's somehow immune to the virus and those who have been infected, and attempts to find a cure. In order to find a cure, he seeks out the infected beings at night, who seem to have completely forgotten how to act human, their instincts and survival skills have become non-existent, and either takes them out to survive, or in some cases, drags them to his underground lab for research purposes, in hopes of correcting humankind's mistake.2007 Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited. All rights reserved.
205 reviews
Paul Obrien
April 30, 2016
But the original movie starred Charlton Heston and it's a great movie. Of course the SFX in the modern version blows it away you don't get the insightful storyline that having the infected able to talk. I was very entertained so watch both. Omega Man is the original but check actors first I've seen another by same name but not the 70s version with Charlton
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Miss Red
September 12, 2014
if you have bad internet (2mb/s download), don't bother buying, as i wasted 10$ on this awesome movie. you cant let it load and come back to it later, you cant 'let it run in the background' for it to buffer either. thanks for a waste of money again google. your quite goo at that.
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Bill Christoforou
November 16, 2014
There was such a great opportunity to portray a great story. I don't understand why it was changed so much!
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