I Feel Pretty

2018 • 110 minutes
786 reviews
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About this movie

In I Feel Pretty an ordinary woman who struggles with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy on a daily basis wakes from a fall believing she is suddenly the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. With this newfound confidence she is empowered to live her life fearlessly and flawlessly, but what will happen when she realizes her appearance never changed?
786 reviews
El Du P
July 29, 2018
If you didn't like this movie don't give Amy all the credit, she didn't write or make the movie. I support her genuine-ness. I love the projects like Trainwreck in which she had a bigger hand (she wrote and acted in it and it was a major success, i loved her costar too). Here she did her best with someone else's vision, despite her first training and skill not being acting in films. I enjoy supporting her for her forthrightness about the challenges women face. There is a real category of women who do not qualify for obese but aint cute or thin enough to break into that which slim people take for granted...easy dating and general acceptance.
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Don Harrison
July 12, 2018
I cannot believe I paid for this insipid drivel. The attempts at humor are puerile and vacuous. Amy Shumer has played the same role in every film, every move and facial expression tedious to say the least. Please please do not spend money on this horrendous waste of time
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Ruth Fanfan
April 5, 2019
Ok, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I have always been self conscious about how I look and still am. Suddenly having your life come together because a perceived confidence in yourself is a dream com true. I am a little envious of the whole have long term friends but I loved watching it in the movie. Great job with this movie. .
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