Invasion Planet Earth

2019 • 93 minutes
10 reviews
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About this movie

When a gigantic, all-consuming alien mothership appears in the sky and launches a ruthless attack, the ultimate war for Planet Earth begins...
10 reviews
Jason Litchfield
12 June 2020
Utter Garbage!!! One of the worst films I've ever seen. Why on earth do unskilled people try to make big sci-fi movies on a tiny budget? Everything about this sucked, but the script really stood out for me.It was like someone had just watched a bunch of children in a playground running around pretending to be fighting aliens, and made notes. "I'm gonna fly at you in my spaceship, and shoot at you." "Well you can't, cos I'm gonna jump on top of your spaceship." "Yeah, well I'll get the other spaceships to shoot you off." "You can't. I just ripped a piece of your ship off and it's turned into a gun" By the end of the movie I would have gladly accepted an Anal Probe if it had come with a free mind-wipe.
Simon Cox
4 January 2020
This is a great micro budget British movie that really makes you think. Well worth a look.
Jacob Christensen
30 May 2020
Guys, yes it's like Marmite, give the indie a chance... I loved it... Amazing scenes from Lanzarote and Birmingham... All the best for your next venture...