Jekyll & Hyde...Together Again

1982 • 87 minutes
61 reviews
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About this movie

Inside the antiseptic walls of a little Los Angeles hospital, Our Lady of Pain and Suffering, a surgeon, Dr. Daniel Jekyll (Mark Blankfield), noses around and discovers the secret to man's alter ego in the formula of a white powder. Nodding off one day, Dr. Jekyll accidentally snorts a sampling of the snuff which quickly transforms this shy, sensitive man into a wild, wide-eyed disco deviant with New Wave tendencies. To the shock of his boss Dr. Carew (Michael McGuire) and Jekyll's fiancie, Mary (Bess Armstrong), spoiled daughter of the head doctor, Hyde takes over by taking to nymph chasing and disco blazing. But the richest and sickest patient in the world is admitted and needs Jekyll to survive. Will Jekyll show up? Or will he go on to discover more perverse pleasure hidden in his Hyde?
61 reviews
Kendahl Hall
March 25, 2015
could very well be the funniest film that no one has hurd of, of all time. If I were not a huge fan of the show Fridays I may have never even had the knowledge of it whatsoever. Blankfield was tremendous in "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" . He's pretty much one of the most original comic genius minds of our time, by using both physical appearance and vocal tones to create amazing, crazy but highly believable characters. I've been searching for this film for about 20yrs, so Im tickled pink to finally be able to watch it whenever I want. Truly a must see for people who truly enjoy comedy, from prat falls to insane dialog, that you rarely see these days with the politically correctness and somewhat lack of speach freedom. A must see will not disappoint.....
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Joe Boss
April 25, 2019
It was back in the 80s when I first show this movie. It was funny as ever. The "Hyde Song" is my favorite. Hyde reminds me of my evil cousin and myself during my party years. I can relate to the duplicity of Jykle and Hyde and his choices in women. Been there done that. Great low budget fun.
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Eddie Richards
July 11, 2014
this movie is so funny it brings back so many memories from back in the day..i haven't watched it in a long time and I still remember all the one-liners this movie is a classic needs more than five stars!!
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