1995 • 104 minutes
1.56K reviews
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Robin Williams stars as Alan Parrish, who, after 25 years, is finally freed from the spell of an ancient magical board game named JUMANJI. The two children who freed him, however, have unleashed a group of wild and exotic creatures from the game, forcing the long-lost Alan to save his hometown from destruction.
1.56K reviews
Dan D
February 11, 2022
The only true Jumanji. I remember watching this on cassette during my childhood and now on YouTube Movies a couple months back. Its honestly sad to see how the original slowly got replaced by the new Jumanji without any sign of credit or thanks too. This one is completely original as well since it's based off of the book that first came up with the story and has so many actors that are so legendary. Honestly miss Robin Williams, such a legendary actor and comedian. Loved seeing him act and how great he was, along with the many other legends that were in this film as well as those who were still starting out. So sad to see how much he was actually struggling when he was making us all laugh and we didn't even know it. So suprised seeing that Mary Jane was really young in this too and you can honestly tell that this was probably one of her first movies but without a doubt I realized right away that it was her. Such a legend, the great Robin Williams, a man who was able to make us all laugh, play anything, act anything, do anything and much more. He truly was the star of this movie, he'll always be a never forgotten legend, and in our hearts and one of the greatest in history. This honestly just brings back so much nostalgia and childhood memories from first watching it as a kid alongside my twin brother. Even as I'm writing this I'm getting the feels. Literally such an amazing movie. They just don't make movies like these anymore. Kids simply don't understand and know how legendary alongside amazing the original one is compared to the newest one. Like I highly doubt they even know that the newer ones are based on the book as well as this and that all of this even exists. Glad that I still have the cassette for it and that it still works even to this day. Its still in the same perfect condition when I first watched it as a child. Anyways, orginally I was suppose to comment a couple months back when I re-watched it on YouTube, and today is New Years so I'll be wishing everyone a Happy New Years and that you got to do everything that you wanted to do. Wishing all the best for 2022. Lets hope that everything returns back to normal and that all is well. 🥳🎉🎊🍾🥂🎆🎇💙🌍♾
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Kyle Vansteelandt
April 25, 2022
The word "Jumanji" means "many effects" in Zulu, and this rip-roaring special-effects extravaganza truly lives up to it's title. But there are more effects than just the visual effects, the special effects, and the practical effects, the effects also comes from the execution that makes the whole movie so effective. Based on the 1981 children's book by Chris Van Allsburg, Joe Johnston (director), Greg Taylor and Jim Strain (co-producers/writers) has thrown a ton of sophistication to the entire enterprise; "Jumanji" is a thrilling diversion that branches one brilliant scene after another. I wasn't just watching the movie, it was an experience. The incredible craftsmanship that the crew has constructed has never made me speechless with amazement, because it shows how gifted the crew is; making the film so intelligent, that it is absolutely impressive. Joe Johnston's direction has given this film adaptation a grand sense of adventure; delivering explosive execution because Joe has provided lots of vitality to the shots that appear during the suspenseful moments that are gripping, and during the exhilarating action sequences that are frantic, including some terrific scares. There are also two moments that involves a father-and-son like relationship that I think fathers watching the movie with their sons can find touching. Greg and Jim wrote the smartly-staged screenplay that displays each and every scene that has the ability to grab my attention with tenacious staying power and never let go. The cinematography by Thomas E. Ackerman contains haunting imagery. The smartly-written dialogue is also impressive. As for the themes and overall moral, it is a parable about courage (facing something that you are afraid of, showing no fear in consequences, and not being afraid to tell the truth). It is also about teamwork (working together as a family so you can break free to achieve the benefits with satisfaction). However, I will admit that I find the latter of the film redundant. For those of you that are a nature lover (like myself), you will find nature's most terrifying lethal hazards that you are familiar with; unpleasant malaria-carrying mosquitos that look so convincing, two animatronic apex predators with sinister appearances (the African lion and the Nile crocodile), and some extremely aggressive plant-eating giants brought to life by "Industrial Lights & Magic" CGI (the black rhinoceros and the African elephant), even though they were not implemented in the movie well enough. There is also a flood caused by the monsoon. With the combination of the spiffy production design that has the power to immerse a viewer, and how the effects look, this is literally a thrill ride for the whole family (suitable for ages ten and up). James Horner's score really adds something powerful to this movie; It is a stirring score that can go from ominous during the suspenseful scenes, to touching during the empathetic family scenes, to bold and frantic during the action scenes. The cast did an outstanding job with their performances, and there is some nice character development to the main protagonists too; Alan Parrish goes from a coward to brave hero. Lets not forget that Alan (as an adult) is knowledgeable, which makes him likable. Sarah Whittle goes from an immature sensitive psychic to a mature woman. the two orphaned shepherd siblings (Judy and Peter) work together to play through the game and fight off enemies. Robin Williams has given a swashbuckling performance. Not to mention that he is hilarious, especially for the fact that everytime he screams, how can I not have a hearty laugh? David Alan Grier is quite amusing as Carl Bentley. Johnathan Hyde gives out an oddly vicious performances as Van Pelt the merciless poacher (the main antagonist). Everytime time he gets his just deserts, his cartoony reaction is unusually funny. In conclusion: There is way too much to say about this magnificent family thrill ride of a movie. Lets just say that "Jumanji" is a ton of fun with hilarious comedy and rousing thrills. Recommended.
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Skylar Smith
May 24, 2020
A magical board game unleashes a world of adventure on siblings Peter (Bradley Pierce) and Judy Shepherd (Kirsten Dunst). While exploring an old mansion, the youngsters find a curious, jungle-themed game called Jumanji in the attic. When they start playing, they free Alan Parrish (Robin Williams), who's been stuck in the game's inner world for decades. If they win Jumanji, the kids can free Alan for good -- but that means braving giant bugs, ill-mannered monkeys and even stampeding rhinos!
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