Kids For Cash

2014 • 101 minutes
86 reviews
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About this movie

3,000 kids. 1 judge. Millions of dollars. This riveting doc reveals the untold stories of a judicial scandal that rocked America and the chilling aftermath of the lives destroyed in the process.

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86 reviews
vitamin dimo
July 4, 2014
What I was expecting to be thrilling denouncement of an evil judge ended up being a weak effort from a first-time director trying desperately to vilify someone who ultimately was trying to serve his community in their (they community's) best interest. People, please, we need evidence to determine guilt. But where is this evidence? A small group of kids who admit to breaking the rules? Their rather uneducated (in my opinion) parents, who preach that everything bad their kids experienced was the direct result of some long-ago judgement from the judge? The opinions of some random radio host and his fans? This is not evidence. This is the proverbial "court of public opinion". The main thing I learned in this film is how powerful the media can be - if it wants a sensational story, it can make it happen. Whether that media is a brash radio host, a story-hungry news reporter, or a 'documentarian' looking for some good press, they have the power to ruin the life of a quality citizen in order to meet their own goals. Don't believe me? Watch the movie and keep in mind that at no point did anyone show adequate evidence that any judge actually accepted "cash for kids".
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Andrea Koury
December 19, 2021
I am from Luzerne County originally. As much as this came as a shock, it didn't. The nepotism and " It's not what you know, but who you know" mentality has been around Luzerne County since I was a kid. I do believe the sentences doled out were so damn extreme that there are no words. Also, I feel for the kids & their families, because I can't imagine getting past any of what Judge C & Judge C did being in any way easy, nor quick. I can guarantee you some of those kids NEVER got past this. 😡
Mark Lassoff
September 15, 2014
An honest, even handed look at abuses in the Juvenile Justice system in one Pennsylvania County. Participants on every side of the case are interviewed, yet only one conclusion can be drawn. If you care about kids, you need to see this film.