2018 • 102 minutes
162 reviews
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About this movie

Recently released from prison, Jimmy (Jack Reynor) hopes to reconnect with his younger adopted brother, Eli (Myles Truitt), and estranged father (Dennis Quaid). But after a run-in with a vengeful criminal (James Franco), Jimmy and Eli become fugitives with one hope for survival: a metallic box from another dimension that transforms into a superpowered weapon and leads Eli to discover his true identity—a hero destined for greatness—in this thrilling action-adventure with a sci-fi twist.
162 reviews
frank p
December 10, 2018
This movie was just aucward to watch. The writing didn't hold up together. They thought it was a good idea to kill off one of the main good characters Dennis Quaid and leave another main character (a Total Scumbag of a character) to continue the rest of the movie. That guy's character was definitely someone you would always want to get killed in a story, but he was allowed to go all the way to the very end of the movie. And still I don't think as in this movie his character was still even redeemed One main problem (or confusion to put it mildly) *Minor Spoiler Alert* If the kid was a character that was supposed to be protected by the two future soldiers than WTH why would they aim their weapons at him ready to destroy him. Of course the movie towards the end gives a hint that it may continue but I hope not, Quaid's character was about the only one you would really care about, the others anywhere from so so to not so much and the kid's character was ok at best but nothing to really feel anything towards him. The trailer does exactly as it shows, a confusing movie to look forward to.
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Keith Read
January 2, 2019
Richard Isidro, youre an idiot. This was a terrible movie, it has nothing to do with, as you so ineloquently called it "color people". Bad writing, insanely boring, ridiculous plot, and the weapon doesn't even come into play until the end. If you think explosions make a movie good, go watch Transformers again, more bad movies you probably love.
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Alexander Zuckerman
December 26, 2018
The movie has some issues, it's a little slow in the beginning BUT it gets way way way better! I really would love a sequel to this movie. I know it didn't do well at the Box office but I really would love a sequel. I'll even take a sequel in book form if they don't make a nother movie.