Let The Fire Burn

2013 • 95 minutes
28 reviews
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About this movie

In the astonishingly gripping Let the Fire Burn, director Jason Osder has crafted that rarest of cinematic objects - a found-footage film that unfurls with the tension of a great thriller. On May 13, 1985, a longtime feud between the city of Philadelphia and controversial radical urban group Move came to a deadly climax. By order of local authorities, police dropped military-grade explosives onto a Move-occupied rowhouse. TV cameras captured the conflagration that quickly escalated-and resulted in the tragic deaths of eleven people (including five children) and the destruction of 61 homes. It was only later discovered that authorities decided to '...let the fire burn.' Using only archival news coverage and interviews, first-time filmmaker Osder has brought to life one of the most tumultuous and largely forgotten clashes between government and citizens in modern American history.

Ratings and reviews

28 reviews
John Rouleau
October 12, 2014
This was a documentary that was interesting but left more questions than answers. First off, failure to answer what exactly the organization MOVE was. Second, failed to say what exactly MOVE stood for and why it conflicted with the Philadelphia PD. We got the idea that police are bad but there was no back story as to why they would drop an explosive on the compound. Overall, felt that it was an unbalanced account of the events in 1985 and have to research more to make an educated judgment.
Maxwell Tedford
January 5, 2021
Great movie, reveals a true tragedy that's been hidden by the American government
A Google user
December 8, 2015
All the news footage is genuine, great watch