Letter from Masanjia

2018 • 75 minutes
9 reviews
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About this movie

A woman in Oregon discovers an SOS note stashed in a box of Halloween decorations from Kmart. Her story goes viral and leads to the closure of China's barbaric labour camps. News travels through China's firewall and reaches the letter-writer, Sun Yi. A former Chinese prisoner who had been jailed for his beliefs, he now fears for his life and his family's safety. Despite that, he's determined to expose China's human rights violations, whatever the cost. In Letter from Masanjia, Sun Yi teams up with Peabody Award-winning director Leon Lee and takes you inside China's terrifying police state through the eyes of a political prisoner. He uses hidden cameras to capture details of his torturous past while authorities remain hot on his heels. Letter from Masanjia reveals how the brave actions of a bespeckled engineer in China and a mom in the US led to major changes on the other side of the world.
9 reviews
Laurel VanWilligen
June 13, 2019
Hard to type through the tears. Being tortured (and for some of them, becoming an involuntary organ donor, often at the expense of their life) just for being a larger group than the CCP is almost incomprehensible. Lots of shame to go around, but I would like to say, 'Wake up America!' Are cheap Chinese goods really worth the cost to these peoples' lives? Speak out. We live in a country where that's still possible. Complain to the companies and government agencies who continue to downplay this and other human rights abuses because they don't want to hurt their bottom lines. We're better than that. I know we are.
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May 1, 2019
This film was incredible. I shed so many tears and truly felt reconnected with my humanity. It's so important to be aware of the things that are actuallt happening in the world and how we all do connect. I am so grateful of people, and film makers, like these. THANK YOU!
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Adrian M
November 4, 2019
This film is a heart touching movie. What a brave man. He risked his life for the truth, the benefit of others and to expose the persecution. I have the up most respect for Sun Yi. What an honorable man. If you are reading this you must watch this movie. It will change your life and perception!
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