Lights in the Sky

2020 • 54 minutes
6 reviews
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In January 2020, hundreds of people reported strange lights in the sky over Colorado and Nebraska. They called them drones. Months later, the US government can’t explain it. As a US Army broadcast journalist and combat-veteran, Krista Alexander decided to investigate. She edited video of the lights, posted to a Facebook group about the drones, to see if there was anything else to be seen. What she found were not drones. Few believed her. Instead, they called her crazy. She wrote, directed, produced, edited and hosted this documentary to share her findings, offering scientific explanations, from the quantum to the biological. The film doesn’t just ask what the lights are, but questions society’s role in refusing to admit what the government already has: The lights are real and can’t be explained. Unlike most UFO documentaries, this film doesn’t focus on government conspiracy or alien takeover. Instead, Krista questions what is real. How can the lights deny our reality? How is this possible? With never-before-seen footage of the lights and interviews from some of the world’s top scientific minds, see and hear connections that better explain the nature of our reality -and others.
6 reviews
July 6, 2020
Zero evidence. Video compression artifacts being zoomed in on and being explained as... NOT BEING EXPLAINED. One second you are hearing a reference to quantum mechanics and the next sentence is a line about Tesla, followed by the Golden Spiral This "film" is all over the place and none of it makes any sense. It should have been released on YOUTUBE, this is not something you should spend money on. I hate leaving a negative review for someone else's work, but it's wrong to charge money for this!
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mike neal
January 24, 2021
saw the movie blown away its what i saw 15 years ago wish i could dicuss it with krista changed my world as well the scene where the light was over the house and the little lights went down i wonder if someone in the house past away
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Stuart Bryant (RVA Stuart)
June 28, 2020
Awesome movie/video or Scientific Research and theory, that sparks imagination, intuition, reality and possibilities! This production forces one to look at what is in front of them and find the truth, existence, vibration and study of life science. Never forgeting to ask essential questions reguarding the unknown!
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