1997 • 131 minutes
304 reviews
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The year is 1947. The protagonist, Humbert HUMBERT,is a man of remarkable gifts but he also carries, concealed within him, a poisonous wound : the indelible memory of a frustrated childhood romance with Annabel. HUMBERT, a professor of French literature, travels to a small New England Town to take a teaching post... © 1997 - LOLITA PRODUCTIONS INC (Original Title: LOLITA)

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304 reviews
Alexis G
November 9, 2018
I know the book by Nabokov is considered a "masterpiece" by some, but I don't understand why. This movie is disgusting on so many levels. I have nothing against the actors. Jeremy Irons is an extremely talented actor. My review is about the movie and subject matter only. In my opinion, each scene is more disturbing than the last. Although some people criticize Lolita for being seductive, she is ultimately a tragic victim of child abuse. I regret watching this movie. I wish I could give it zero stars and report it to an ethics committee.
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Aaron Brummett
December 25, 2015
I loved the original movie... I even liked the lesser known Russia remake. This movie seemed more like it were based off a book cover rather than being based of the book. Dominique Swain as Dolores "Lolita" Haze was well cast... that is the only nice thing that I can say about this... attempt at a remake. A "gross income was $1,147,784 on a $62,000,000 budget"... there is a reason for this. I feel the original movie captured all the anger and reflected more of a "ghost story". But the remake... well, it's not nice to use the "p" word on Google reviews... the book was full of both cruelty and comedy. This remake was just a waste of $10 bucks...
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Michael Rodriguez
January 17, 2015
An absolutely beautiful portrayal, with the exceptions of some few details, of Vladimir's most admirable work. I must say that Jeremy Irons plays, with absolute perfections, the simple version of a Monsieur Humbert. I would assume that the intentions to simplify such a complex story, is the reason why I feel Jeremy Irons does not portray the complex Humbert, with a capital C. If given opportunity, I would say that Jeremy Irons would do so just as perfectly.
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