Lost Horizon (1937)

1937 • 133 minutes
19 reviews
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About this movie

LOST HORIZON remains one of Frank Capra's most memorable films. Ronald Coleman leads a cast of misfits flying on a small passenger plane which suddenly crashes on a Tibetan snow-covered mountain. They are rescued by an ancient Chinese man who leads them to a beautiful, snowless, sun-filled world of Shangri-La. © 1937, renewed 1965 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
19 reviews
Kathaleen McGhee
December 2, 2015
Lost Horizon is a Frank Capra, tune everything out and sip hot chocolate kind of movie. The history of the "Lost Movie" that was finally restored by new technology makes it again one of my favorite. Ronald Coleman, plays the reporter who encounters the beauty of a "lost empire" untouched by time. Shangri-la has innocence, clean and unspoiled life. It portrays life as it could be with out lust, violence, and the ugly side of humanity. A place where working together works and out giving one another could be a goal. I rented it as a VHS tape from a movie rental store in the '70's. I have looked for it for 30 years. Glad to find it again, with a complete full movie, not the short version.
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Jan Hutchens
November 3, 2015
Both versions are great movies in very different ways, but the cover you show here belongs to the 1973 version with Peter Finch & Liv Ullman, not the 1937 version with Ronald Coleman and Jane Wyatt.
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Willie Study Yourself
September 5, 2016
One the most spiritual movies ever
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