Mars Attacks!

1996 • 105 minutes
829 reviews
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About this movie

Director TIM BURTON unleashes MARS ATTACKS!, a vicious, affectionate, brightly-colored homage to 1950s alien invasion movies. When a shiny silver flying saucer lands in the Nevada desert, a group of skull-faced Martians exit the gleaming craft. Although they claim to be peaceful, they promptly "vaporize" a gathering of unfortunate Earthlings, kicking off a bizarre high-tech war with wild special effects. This studiously campy sci-fi spoof, based on a series of Topps bubble-gum cards, gleefully parodies not only schlock B-horror movies, but also overblown blockbusters such as INDEPENDENCE DAY. This subversive film is helped along by an all-star cast including JACK NICHOLSON in dual roles as both a clueless U.S. President (with First Lady GLENN CLOSE) and a Las Vegas sleazebag. The film follows the wacky WAR OF THE WORLD--like proceedings from the points of view of numerous colorful characters, from the inane U.S. Press Secretary (MARTIN SHORT) to a trailer-park family (LUKAS HAAS and SYLVIA SIDNEY), singer TOM JONES (as himself).Copyright 1996 Warner Brothers. All rights reserved. MPAA Rating: PG-13 1996 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved #Trailer #WB
829 reviews
Christian Bradshaw
December 5, 2016
...and i loved Jack Nicholson as the president dealing with a war hungry general. The press briefing with Martin Short cracked me up. It was meant to look and feel like a b rated flick. So if you're looking for something like Alien or War of the Worlds, move on.
Dave Osterberg
March 13, 2016
As a lover of old classic sci-fi, I recognized these aliens right away. I think there was even model kits...Here's the deal, the Alien's are insane, yet we keep on trying for their sunny side. Hint: This movie is not about the aliens!
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Dan Iliescu
July 25, 2017
This classic is bold and has favorable clean fun with aliens and humans to enjoy. From Earth planet 3 to Mars planet 4, both teams face to hold planet supremacy at heart. The motion seems random to this opinion but action filled. Fine show and even such a family to the kuiper belt of asteroids of these major planets as together. Great.