Maximum Overdrive

1986 • 97 minutes
526 reviews
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About this movie

When a mysterious comet passes close to Earth, machines everywhere suddenly come to life and become homicidal. Soon, video games, cash machines, drawbridges, and steamrollers all go on a psychotic killing spree of global rebellion. But when the folks at the Dixie Boy Truck Stop are held hostage by a mob of 18-wheelers, human vengeance goes into overdrive. Who made whom? And who will survive the final showdown of man vs. bloodthirsty machine? Emilio Estevez stars in this outrageous, twisted metal epic that marked the directing debut of horror master Stephen King, and features a head banging score of classic hits and original music by AC/DC.

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526 reviews
Lucas Stevason
August 31, 2017
It's not a great movie, but it's a great time. This movie is trope central, with shallow characters and a missing storyline. What it lacks in the things that make movies great it makes up for with the stuff that makes movies fun. The soundtrack is pure AC/DC and the gore is fun if not light for modern cinema. The plot makes no sense. But there's a pop machine that kills a guy by shooting pop at him. The main antagonist is a truck with green goblins face. This is a blast.
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Erich Fiedler
September 29, 2015
I first heard about this film about a year ago after watching The Nostalgia Critic review it, this is pure B-Movie greatness. "This is the only time you'll see Stephen King on Stephen King, that is until Tumbler is born" - Nostalgia Critic
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Toni Marie
September 6, 2016
Stephen King always makes a hit with his books and movies. This movie is one of my childhood favorites that I enjoy to watch as an adult. If your looking to watch a comedic and wacky movie about technology malfunctioning and reeking havoc on a small town, this movie is worth the watch for entertainment....
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