Maya Memsaab

1993 • 120 minutes
35 reviews
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About this movie

A frustrated housewife whose marriage to an average man does not meet her expectations enters into an affair with a younger man. Of course, there are no easy escapes from reality.(CBFC A - 2082)

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35 reviews
Rita “TinkerZeus” Bowker
June 10, 2016
I saw a version of this movie before that was already edited but still contained at least a reminent of the sex scene. This version has the scene COMPLETELY REMOVED! So, if you're looking to see this movie in its complete and original, unedited glory, look elsewhere. Someone needs to tell SRK that you can't simply erase the past by editing it out. Sure, in generations to come, if you're lucky, few may have knowledge of its existence. But it will never entirely disappear. There will always be that precious few copies in existence of the original release, and people will make copies of those. The people that paid for this copy, having later seen the unedited version, will undoubtedly feel ripped off and betrayed to some degree. It is not a good idea to release copies for sale that are all chopped up. Just not decent business oractices. And truly, what was so horrible about that scene anyway? It wasn't that bad! It didn't play badly or hold Mr khan in a different light because of his having done the scene. It ruined the continuity of the movie, knowing it had been butchered so drastically for no other reason than actor embarrassment... I've never given 2 stars until now. Just sad...
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May 22, 2019
super smash.
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Soumendu Chatterjee
November 17, 2016
King Khan is best in the world for acting
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