Midnite Cabby

2014 • 84 minutes
4 reviews
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About this movie

A race-against-the-clock comedy about a guy who has to drive a taxi all night collecting fares to bail out his brother who is being held down in an abandoned warehouse over a gambling debt. Doug has just been fired, his car has broken down and his wife is less than happy with him. While hopping a cab ride home, he gets a call from his brother, Dallas, asking for help. Turns out Dallas owes money to some shady people, and is held captive in a warehouse, where he will likely be killed should he not make good on the debt by the morning.

As if matters couldn’t get worse, every ATM Doug visits is out of order, and the cab driver has been popping anxiety pills ever since Doug got in the cab, which results in an overdose. As Doug deals with the now-dead driver, another person climbs in the back seat, looking for a ride. With few options left, Doug takes on the role of Habib the Cab Driver, collecting fares for the rest of the evening to raise the money to save his brother.
4 reviews

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