Mortal Kombat (2021)

2021 • 110 minutes
558 reviews
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In Mortal Kombat, MMA fighter Cole Young is unaware of his heritage—or why Outworld’s Emperor Shang Tsung has sent his best warrior, Sub-Zero, an otherworldly Cryomancer, to hunt Cole down. Fearing for his family’s safety, Cole goes in search of Sonya Blade at the direction of Jax, a Special Forces Major who bears the same strange dragon marking Cole was born with. Soon, he finds himself at the temple of Lord Raiden, an Elder God and the protector of Earthrealm, who grants sanctuary to those who bear the mark. Here, Cole trains with experienced warriors Liu Kang, Kung Lao and rogue mercenary Kano, as he prepares to stand with Earth’s greatest champions against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe. But will Cole be pushed hard enough to unlock his arcana—the immense power from within his soul—in time to save not only his family, but to stop Outworld once and for all?
558 reviews
Like Ya Cut G
July 29, 2021
It's a movie that had potential, I knew it had a strong ability to succeed, but it fell short. A typical, yet ANOTHER, disappointing result of game to movie adaptations. While I think, it has done a FAR better job at being a Mortal Kombat adaptation_ it just didn't hit the spot. They got some things right. Characters, gore, "special powers" personalities, some lore. All very decently researched and applied. I'm quite happy that they added the gore aspect to this. Mortal Kombat as a PG-13 movie, is like having a good fiery BBQ, but not adding any BBQ sauce. It's just wrong. I'm happy the characters look familiar, updated, unique, and reflective of the recent games. They've come along way over the years, and I personally enjoy their newest, darkest, and grimier looks. My complains are sadly, many. For start, its too short of a movie. I felt like they started off strong. We were going to learn a bit, experience some formation of character arches, and get a good tournament rolling. Then just under half way, they rushed and half assed the plot. A little bit of convenience at play, I think is the best way to put it. It lacked substances that were needed. If this had been a 2-3 hour movie, they could have done FAR better with, everything. Special effects, I admit, being in 2021_ were a bit low grade. It just felt sometimes that we were going into 2021 equivalent of "The Scorpion King" territory. Some SFX, just, could have been more convincing. My biggest guff is the story. Too short, too conveniently spliced up, too empty. I'm happy they've left the ending open_ letting us know, there is a second one. I do hold dear, that the next one will be better executed.
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Sheldon Hardin
June 13, 2021
This was disappointing. I do NOT recommend ever buying this at full price. It was like a good fan made film that you could find on Youtube. When I heard it got an R rating, I was excited, the Mortal Kombat video game series is known for it's absolutely brutal finishers. They have a few, but overall they are incredibly disappointing. The whole scope of this film feels so incredibly small. There are like 3 major locations in total, and everything feels so isolated. I was really hoping for Mortal Kombat (1995) with an R rating and updated visuals. This movie was NOT that at all. I wasn't expecting a very good story from an action movie or even great acting, but the decision to focus on the newcomer Cole was a bad idea. The explanation of their abilities (minor spoiler) *was also an incredibly poor decision as it basically means.. if you kill a chosen one, then you get a magic ability. Does that mean if I run one of them over with a car I will become the chosen one? Whether I have any martial arts prowess or not?* The fight sequences mostly feel generic, slow, and doesn't quite pack a real punch. When compared to other great brutal action movies that Subzero actor Joe Taslim has been in such as The Raid: Redemption or The Night Comes for Us. This movie's action is incredibly and disappointingly poor. You really don't "feel" the impact of any hit at all. So then, poor story and poor action. Why watch this then? I honestly don't know. I am hopeful that the sequel increases the scope and improves upon the choreography. Maybe add some more minor characters to kill off or something.
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June 26, 2021
Positives - Great action and fight scenes - Brutal and gory like a Mortal Kombat movie should be Negatives - Having been a fan of Mortal Kombat since I was a kid, I felt like the writers did not know which direction to go - They kept bring up the tournament, but there was no tournament. - Goro looked great, but had no real part except to die. - Like every other movie that has a "Chosen One" they use a birth mark The original movie from the 90s was far better. Merge the two would be 5 🌟!!!
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