Mother's Day

2016 • 118 minutes
975 reviews
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From Garry Marshall, the director of Pretty Woman and Valentine’s Day, comes Mother's Day, an all-star comedy that celebrates parenthood and family. Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis lead an incredible cast in a film that intersects the lives of a group of people maneuvering their way through a crazy week of difficult relationships and family dysfunction in the week leading up to Mother’s Day. It’s a comedy that will make you laugh, cry and cheer! (Original Title - Mother's Day) - 2016 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
975 reviews
Quigy Johnson
June 24, 2016
Re sudakis... Ya tru he's glib I think is the word your looking for, but also tru has no business acting... Funny I thought I was the only one that felt that way! Oh ya did u see that horrible role he played in RACE , RUINED the film for me . anyway if you haven't you should see it anyway.. It's an important feature about America and the horrible racism just as recently as half a century ago.. Anyway sorry to the rest I saw that guys review and just felt compelled to jump in on it
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Jeff Shellow
July 1, 2016
He ruined the film for me, hes just so idk cocky and arrogant and basically talentless.. Idk why he keeps getting cast in these roles, he only belongs in maybe slapstick or something silly or satire or mockumentory... Im sorry ik reviews are subjective but ive obviously been way to focused on my disdain of Sudakis. The film itself came up way short and sadly missed the target... Sorry bout the rant
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Tori Quinn
September 2, 2016
This movie is excellent for laughs, snorts, a few tears, and lots of fun. It's life captured in the moments that make you scream if it's happening to you, but laugh from the gut if you get to be the bystander. The story is wonderfully told and beautifully acted out by this all-star crew. And I loved the short but sweet and cute appearance by Jennifer Garner. It's definitely a chick flick, but guys be sweet to your women, especially if they're the mother of your children, and watch this with them. Well done, Mr. Marshall, as always. <3
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