Mr. Mom (1983)

1983 • 91 minutes
123 reviews
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About this movie

Michael Keaton plays a husband and father who loses his job as an engineer at the auto manufacturing plant. After struggling to find another job, his wife lands a high paying position at an advertising agency. While she goes to the office each day, he stays home to take care of the house and the children. As she is climbing the ladder of success at work, he puts great effort into becoming a hopelessly inept househusband.
123 reviews
Jake Zamansky
February 16, 2022
I was wrong about this movie and I take back everything I said originally. The film is very progressive in it's approach and revolutionized the formula of the father taking care of the kids while the mother thrives in the work force. It was very feminist, michael Keaton and Teri Garr make for perfect leads and Martin Mull still gives his best here. I also love seeing John Hughes and Aaron Spelling of 90210 working together. Definitely a great film to watch for any comedy fans.
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Cecelia Duncan
August 15, 2020
I TOTALLY LOVE this movie! Micheal Keaton makes me laugh EVERYTIME I watch him, even when he's not trying to be FUNNY! Watch this movie! It's a GREAT STRESS RELIVER! Cecelia D, Chicago.
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greentea momma73
June 27, 2016
Why are all the '80s & '90s movies still so high in price? You can find a lot of those movies for $7.99 & below. Please Google rethink your pricing a little bit.
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