Mulholland Drive

2001 • 147 minutes
264 reviews
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About this movie

This sexy thriller has been acclaimed as one of the year's best films. Two beautiful women are caught up in a lethally twisted mystery - and ensnared in an equally dangerous web of erotic passion. "There's nothing like this baby anywhere! This sinful pleasure is a fresh triumph for Lynch, and one of the best films of the year. Visionary daring, swooning eroticism and colors that pop like a whore's lip gloss!" says Rolling Stone's Peter Travers. "See it... then see it again!" (Time Out New York)
264 reviews
A Google user
March 29, 2012
More than many of his other films, Lynch doesn't stifle the talent from playing the parts of this tightly-wound masterpiece of convoluted progression and mental states. This film is not for people who don't want to have to think about what they've seen and the re-watch the film. It took me watching it three times to get it, and my interpretation isn't the same as others who put that kind of work in. David Lynch is a real American auteur-filmmaker.
A Google user
March 21, 2012
I watched it twice in theaters. Never liked Blue Velvet, I thought Lost Highway was a mess but this movie (for me) is David Lynch's masterpiece. I strongly urge you not to watch it if you are not a fan of abstract, mysterious film noir. If you are, you will likely watch this over and over like I do. It leaves a lot open to interpretation which is part of the appeal and what keeps it in regular rotation on my dvd player.
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Daniel Jakubik
July 9, 2016
Complex, weird, wonderful and thoroughly captivating from beginning to end. Many clues throughout the film, but even after multiple attentive viewings, the story will never make complete sense. The ending is genuinely frightening and disturbing. David Lynch at his bizarrre best.