My Kid Could Paint That

2008 • 83 minutes
3 reviews
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An Official Selection of both the 2007 Toronto Film Festival and the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, My Kid Could Paint That arrives on DVD March 4, 2008. Documenting the rise and fall of four-year old artist Marla Olmstead, Amir Bar-Lev's much-discussed documentary will hit DVD with a number of extra features. According to her parents, Mark and Laura Olmstead, Marla began painting when she was only two. By the time she was four, her work had been exhibited at a gallery and she was profiled in The New York Times. But rumors that her father might be doing the paintings and crediting Marla led to a backlash against the family and, in order to clear their name, the Olmsteads invited filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev to document Marla's technique over the course of a year. The films' release was greeted by controversy, with the Olmstead family speaking out against the documentary on CNN, Nightline, and Good Morning America. The special features on the DVD include a 35-minute documentary that explores the aftermath and controversy - and provides some startling new material which will help shed light on the questions the film raises. The DVD also includes a featurette, "Michael Kimmelman on Art," as well as an audio commentary track. MPAA Rating: PG-13 © 2007 Axis Films, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
3 reviews
Up Late
October 7, 2017
Follows a situation so misguided from the outset it could only have ended the way it did. The perfect storm of a local speculative art market, a marketing hook pushed past its limit, a subjective final product and naive parents who want to believe what all parents do, that their child is special. Their child is special (as all kids are in their own way) but she's not gifted. There is a timeline creatively gifted children develop along that can be identified and the difference is in every aspect of them not just their talent. Gifted children have an obsessive focus and drive even adults struggle to achieve, they socialize very differently prefering older children and adults for their intellectual contribution, yet emotionally they are both their own age and overwhemed by their capacity and heightened perception. The mark of a gifted child is asynchronous development and heightened sensitivity, some also have learning disabilities their gifts mask or autistic traits mistaken for challenging behaviour. Marla looks far too well adjusted to be carrying such a burden, thankfully. Investors did get something of historical value, but one linked to controversy not tallent. Maybe in the future the work will come to symbolize the collective strength of desire rather than the embarrassment of poor choices.
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