Mystery of Her

2022 • 108 minutes
3 reviews
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About this movie

Ali Spencer is a popular teenager on the cusp of an amazing future - excellent grades, a super athlete, a scholarship offer to an elite school. Everything is going Ali's way until a car accident strips her of her memory, her identity, and potentially everything she was hoping to be. It's a complete reset to zero. Everyone in her immediate orbit is a mystery, her family, friends, even her boyfriend, Ethan, who she finds shallow and self-absorbed. Ali's doctor assures her that with calculated re-integration into her life she has a good chance to get her memory back, but nothing is guaranteed. Her mom, Julia, is in near panic mode as she sees the thread of everything she and Ali have spent years carefully weaving, irrevocably unraveling and she becomes determined to get her daughter back on track. But the more that Ali discovers, the more she begins to realize that things may have not been so perfect. At the same time, Cameron, an outsider from her class, becomes her new confidant and helps introduce Ali to a secret part of herself that no one knew existed. As things begin to unlock for Ali, painful discoveries about her past emerge and she suddenly must decide to either cling to the things of her old self or embrace her newfound freedom to become someone better.

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3 reviews
John O'Donal
March 15, 2022
Great story... finding yourself
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Tessa Davis
March 9, 2022
great film
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