Navy Seals Vs. Zombies

2015 • 96 minutes
131 reviews
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About this movie

A team of highly skilled Navy SEALS find themselves embarking on the battle of their lives when they come face-to-face with the undead. After a deadly outbreak occurs in New Orleans, the SEALS must fight for their lives, and the city, against an army of zombies.
131 reviews
Keven Parry
October 24, 2015
I don't recommend this movie except for those people who enjoy bad movies. It is so hard to watch, which is primarily the directors's fault. Without reading the script, it's hard to determine if the writing is part of the problem. The reason I rated two stars instead of one is because the concept is good, and the story-telling seemed sound. The screenwriting was clearly "by the book", exactly how it should be when you have few screenplays written. The directing in this is atrocious, as is the editing, both of which were handled by Stanton Barrett. The camera work is shoddy as well, which is surprising given the extensive list of credits for the DP. My guess is the director influenced the camera work way too much. The film has plenty of decent, if unknown, actors whose talents are absolutely wasted. They all gave their best efforts, but were given little direction from the director and it shows. I would love to see this movie redone with a more experienced director. I literally think you could keep the entire cast and crew, and just replace Stanton Barrett as director, and get an actual editor, and you'd have a movie worth watching.
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John Coryat
September 27, 2015
Entertaining. The story is a bit weak in places, but overall, this is a watchable movie. A few of the actors are former Seals or have Seal training and it shows. Technically, the tactical scenes look realistic. The zombie action is good and there are few gaping plot holes to speak of. The effects are "B" grade but that's what this movie is so they are acceptable. The action moves well and there are hardly any snoozer scenes. I liked that this movie took place in Baton Rouge and not LA.The zombie characteristics are classic, which is always a plus. I hate it when the writers make new zombie rules. This movie kept to the standards well. Head shot kills, bites infect, etc. I'd give it a 5 star rating except that the ending was rushed and poorly executed. No matter though. It could have been left off and not missed. If you like the zombie genre, you'll enjoy this one too.
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Alexander Zuckerman
August 3, 2018
Wow this movie is insanely boring! I bought this movie for three reasons one being the cast, two being I like any type of military things in general and three I really like horror movies. This movie failed miserably and all three subjects. The cast of this movie is given absolutely nothing to do. There are long long long segments of nothing going on. Nothing really starts happening till 50 minutes in. And every single actor seems that they really need to take a nap badly. I really don't think they were going for the grizzled old military stereotype we see in some films. I generally think the actors were exhausted for some. Now for part number two. I love military movies. It's very interesting to me to see movies that show the military in high regard but this movie really didn't make them look that good. There's a weird part when they're about to save civilians and one of their Captain says no but for no discernible reason he says no. I even rewound it to see why he said no it didn't make any sense and then they just watch and let civilians get killed. Which is strange cuz you're supposed to like these characters and then they do something really scummy and then there were oack throughout the rest of the movie that one scene seems so unnecessary and stupid. That actually ruined a lot of the movie for me. Also I got the weirdest feeling that all the actors hated each other. The unit didn't hate each other but in real life I think the actors did. Was just made it annoying to me because they're supposed to be a team and a generally seem like nobody wanted to help anybody out at all. Now for part number three. The zombies don't make any sense. Some people are infected instantly where other people are infected later like up to an hour or so but it's never explained why some people take longer and shorter. I get it it's a virus with mysterious Origins but then they explained it and it still doesn't make any sense. Some people have make up some people don't when they're zombies. Also a large and I mean large chunk of this movie is all CGI zombies that really remind me of a PS1 game. I was laughing really hard at how cheap the CGI zombies looked. And especially how they run into walls and run around in circles sometimes as if it's a glitch. I wouldn't be surprised if it was. It's also weird that every building looks super abandon despite the outbreak just happened. Why does every building look like the apocalypse just happen when this outbreak just happened? For the final thing I'll say is that I understand this movie was super super super low budget. And I can understand how it turned out this Pat but there's an amazing military horror film that's probably lower budget than this one. It's called Tank 4 3 2. This film is super low budget and a military horror film much like this one but it's one trillion times better than this movie. Because they use their budget efficiently and to their best abilities. There's also a movie called Dog Soldiers which is also a low-budget horror military film and it's fantastic! Those two movies are good examples of low-budget horror films with a military point of view that are just done perfectly. It's clear the filmmakers of this movie had no idea what they were doing. Also I don't understand a lot of the positive reviews for this movie. Cuz even though most of the positive reviews people are stating that the movie is not very good and the plot is super week. Then why do you give it 4 to 5 Stars if that's the case? Anyway just don't bother renting or buying this movie. Life is short go outside and have fun.
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