Next Of Kin

1989 • 108 minutes
149 reviews
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About this movie

Patrick Swayze ("Dirty Dancing," "Ghost") stars in this hit action-packed film as a dedicated Chicago cop with roots deeply embedded in the Appalachian backwoods. When the mob cruelly inflicts tragedy on his family, he is forced to put his loyalties to the test, and a violent clash of clans results. Co-starring Academy Award-nominees Liam Neeson ("Nell," "Schindler's List") and Michael J. Pollard ("Bonnie and Clyde"), Ben Stiller ("There's Something About Mary"), Adam Baldwin ("Wyatt Earp"), and "Twister" stars Golden Globe-nominee Bill Paxton ("A Simple Plan," "Titanic") and Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Helen Hunt ("As Good As It Gets," "Mad About You"). MPAA Rating: R 1989 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
149 reviews
Ashley Gieger
December 15, 2013
I love this movie its got a great story.. I really enjoyed when joey got killed by his father i think he deserved it. I wish that they would make a part 2 but it wouldnt be the same.
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kathy haley
July 20, 2021
I loved this movie i was born in the hills of bell county ky not far from harlen ky where this was flimed at it always reminds me of home there we dont call the cops we call our kin to help
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bryan m
March 25, 2021
I've seen this movie around 20 times. Swayze had a streak of awesome movies in the late 80s into early 90s. Two thumbs 👍👍
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