Nicholas and Alexandra

1971 • 188 minutes
17 reviews
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A fascinating look at the last, tragic Russian monarchs; the kindly, indecisive Czar Nicholas and his reclusive, fear-haunted Czarina. The story follows their problems from the onset through the introduction of Rasputin to the Russian Court, to the Czar's abdication and the family's execution at Ekaterinburg on July 16, 1918.

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17 reviews
A Canadian Girl
March 1, 2015
I think the biographical Robert K. Massie book this movie was based on was better, but l still learned so much about the downfall, exile, and assassination of the last Tsar and his immediate family from both that I never knew before. I knew it could only end badly. But I'm definitely more sympathetic for the those poor children than I could probably ever be for Nicholas and Alexandra, who pretty much screwed themselves over through one misstep in their ill-fated rule after another. Good movie all the same.
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Nellie Kittrell
May 19, 2019
One of the finest historical films I've ever seen. Well acted (and the main fellow looks the part too!), well scored, exquisitely beautiful and very poignant. It's a glimpse into history that neither totally vilifies nor lionizes Tsar Nicholas II. He exhibits both tenderness and ruthlessness. Even Lenin and Rasputin are given human touches that remind us that these were more than just a madman and a tyrant.The film may seem overlong to some, but to those totally invested in the story or caught up in the monumental history of it all, every minute is engaging and several scenes can put on edge even a student of history wise to the fate of Tsar and his family. All in all, highly recommended for those with the patience to sit through a long, fairly-light-on-action historical drama.
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Gabriel H Stockstill
February 16, 2023
It was a great movie. I’m at lost for words because I can’t believe how they did that family. You need to watch it for yourself and Yule see what I’m talking about.
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