No Control

2015 • 80 minutes
15 reviews
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With over 300 million firearms, the U.S. holds the highest rate of gun ownership per capita in the world. Meanwhile, with each gun-related tragedy, the question remains whether to regulate or to arm. Increasing demand, illegal distribution and emerging 3D technologies threaten to upend the traditional debate of gun control.

As discussed in interviews from Austin to Grand Rapids, Denver to New York City, NO CONTROL seeks to address the efficacy of gun laws and the ongoing debate between personal freedom and public safety in a candid discussion of one of the most complex, contentious issues in American history.
15 reviews
Zach Martin
December 28, 2015
Excellent Documentary. Such a complex debate, but you really get to see all sides and ideologies. There are heavy hitters from all around this debate. There are anti-gun advocates who truly desire an end to violence and do not appear to harbor any nefarious intentions. At the same time you see the absurdity of regulations: blocks of aluminum being outlawed or the fact that if you swap the butt of a rifle to another you have committed a felony. In the end you really understand how arbitrary gun controls are.
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Zach Stuhler
October 15, 2015
I truly believe that if this was 600 years ago you people would be b itching about swords being abundant. You people do realize that for every horrible and terrible thing that happens with guns. There are just as many reasons to have them. You realize we are free because of this right correct?If you take away our ability to defend you take away our ability to protect our families.I understand the thought of making mental health an issue in having firearms.Then you take away 90%of our vets.Now who did that?
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October 23, 2015
Plenty of "controls" in place....unfortunately criminals or those intent on doing harm rarely stop to see if laws are being broken
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