Om Shanti Om

2007 • 166 minutes
1.55K reviews
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About this movie

Om Prakash Makhija is a junior artiste in the film industry. He yearns to be a top star like Shantipriya, whom he admires and loves. One day, Om Prakash saves Shantipriya's life while shooting for a film. Shantipriya feels obliged towards him. Top film producer Mukesh Mehra is married to Shantipriya but he is not prepared to go public with the marriage. When she tells him that she is carrying his child, he locks her in a studio and sets it on fire. Om Prakash is in the studio compound and all his efforts to save Shantipriya are futile. He dies thereafter. Shantipriya also breathes her last in the fire. On the same day Om Prakash expires in the hospital, a top star's wife delivers a baby boy in the maternity ward of the same hospital. The baby boy, Om Kapoor, grows up to become a top star. As time passes, Om Kapoor gets visions of his past life till it is clear that he is Om Prakash Makhija reborn. Thirty years after Om Prakash and Shantipriya's deaths, producer Mukesh -- now called Mike because of his base having shifted to Hollywood -- resurfaces. Om now seeks revenge on Mike by planning a film with him.
1.55K reviews
Vikas Ahuja
June 23, 2016
I would give the film an 8/10, but when I give it a 4/5, Google considers it as "I liked it." The film is near-perfect. This is Bollywood's magical realism at its finest; heightened drama, action, suspense, twists, metaphors, foreshadowing, and brilliant storytelling with loads of ENTERTAINMENT. You walk away with a smile on your face and you just wanna go back and watch it again.
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Borsing Borsingterang
July 11, 2022
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Jonathan Platt
December 5, 2014
Me and a couple of my friends got this movie expecting to make fun of it, and by the end we all loved and missed Shanti. Just make sure you have some sort of subtitles unless you know Hindi.
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