2019 • 99 minutes
47 reviews
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A young woman travels to the animated world of Playmobil to find her missing younger brother, Charlie. In order to bring him back home, she must embark on a thrilling adventure.
47 reviews
Oden FNAF Adventures
April 14, 2020
Well at first i liked it and then i didn't and then i liked it but the reason why i am giving this movie 4 star even thoe the did pretty bad in the box office review because they riped of the glorys LEGO MOVIE mostly the 2nd one since both of them are musicals and had come out in the same year but i have to amet that this i a decite movie but this movie can not conpet with the LEGO MOVIE. I mean lets be real here this okay but only at least 1 of the songs were good (Brothers in arms is Good!
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Gavin McGinty
March 3, 2020
Surprisingly good. It's decently written, the jokes are good and frequent, and the plot is well paced. The moral / message is a bit confused, and it lacks the originality of the first Lego Movie - but you could say that about most kids animations. And while it's not as good as The Lego Movie 1, it's significantly better than The Lego Movie 2. It'd be easy to write this off as a cynical attempt to sell more toys (though, again... that's true of most kids animations), and it'll probably appeal more to kids who enjoy playing with Playmobil. Don't pass it over just because of these things though. Our kids (9 and 11) have shared this movie with a bunch of their friends, and it's always gone down a storm.
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Ashey Edgerly
June 28, 2020
It sucks so very much and someone should go back in time and stop it from being created because it is a rip-off of the Lego movie and burn all the DVDs of it so everyone in the entire world please don't buy this trash
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