Pacific Rim Uprising

2018 • 110 minutes
99 reviews
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About this movie

John Boyega ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens") headlines the sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s international blockbuster about humans piloting colossal robots to fight gigantic Kaiju monsters. Set several years after the end of the Kaiju Wars, "Pacific Rim 2" follows a new crop of Jaeger pilots tasked with stopping a wave of alien monsters that emerge from the reopened inter-dimensional portal in the Pacific Ocean. Produced by Guillermo del Toro, this sci-fi epic is directed by Steven S. DeKnight ("Daredevil"). - ( Original Title - Pacific Rim Uprising )
99 reviews
Crystal Van Breda
July 8, 2018
Very poorly directed , scripted movie. Made some fairly good actors seem like amateurs. Both pacific rims had potential but ended up as a disaster waste of time movie just playing in the background. I would not recommend this to anyone unless you want some sound in the background while you sleep. Movie had serious potential but terribly terribly made. The reason to bring teens into the movie just destroyed the whole film. Seemed like the producers wanted to broaden the range of viewers but failed drastically. Terrible terrible movie.Could not explain how bad it is. Waste of time and waste even if the viewing of this movie was for free. 100x worse than the first pacific rim. Who thought that was possible but somehow producers pulled it off. Good Job.
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Darius Radulovich
October 26, 2021
This movie is also very good because it is the same as the first one but has less fights and the Jaeger's have down graded because I liked the old Jaeger's in the first one but overall very good but in this movie there is only a few kaju fights but in the first one it has more kaju fights. The first one is still better LOL. Although everyone can admit that this movie is still better than Alantic rim.
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Game Lude101
July 5, 2018
Always liked Pacific rim glad to see they havent ruined it in the second one. Doesnt have the story line like the first but that's to be expected as theres not much to introduce but nice touch on the .......
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