Peter Pan

2003 • 113 minutes
1.29K reviews
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The magic, excitement and wonder of the true Peter Pan come to life in this spellbinding fantasy adventure that's destined to be a family favorite for years to come!
1.29K reviews
Kyle Vansteelandt
December 9, 2021
Ninety Nine years after the original novel by J.M. Barrie, P.J. Hogan directed and written this live-action tribute to the novel with the same name. My expectations for Peter Pan exploded! P.J. Hogan's talent is so magnificent, I am utterly satisfied. This emotionally magical and swashbuckling family diversion is all over the place; Hogan was responsible for the direction and screenplay. The effective craftsmanship that Hogan provided strikes a chord with me with incredible results, because of the well-utilized tone, the high energy, and the slick script. I was engaged, I've laughed often (it is hilarious), I was thrilled (the action is thrilling), and there were some dramatic scenes that I find moving. The energy, the screenplay, and the editing is truly dynamic in terms of the colorful mood and a sprightly sense of wonder that it contains to keep things entertaining. Most of the editing is slick; it's polished and powerful which provides full-bodied effect. I don't think I have ever seen a movie that is as rollicking, rapturous, and emotionally dynamic as "Peter Pan" (2003). Unlike the Disney animated classic, this live-action adaptation faithfully approaches the dark tone of the source material, it also captures magical charm of the novel as well, to make this version have J.M. Barrie's signature written all over it. The different moods of the film's content strikes a well-balanced line between sweet and scary. What I find intriguing about this film is that not only that it has a theme of kids growing up, it also deals with issues like love and loneliness; Peter Pan didn't feel any love at all, other than any other feelings that he has. The only feeling he doesn't have is love. Captain Hook also does not feel love and Peter Pan mentions that he is a lonely old man. If one person does not feel any love, than that means the person does not have any feelings and will eventually evolve into a cold-hearted menace like Captain Hook. The way that it deals with it's themes feels psychological. The production design is also impressive alongside the breathtaking colors that are bright and dramatic. I was amazed by the awesome visual effects, including the special effects. The effects really bring the magic to life. I was highly amused by the deranged animatronic parrot and I was impressed by the huge hungry crocodile that swallowed a clock and it haunts Captain Hook with that ominous ticking noise inside it's stomach. The emotional music score by James Newton Howard is as dynamic and full-bodied as the film itself. For a family movie, the film moves at a breezy pace. The actors are experts on theatrical acting; they have credibility to the energy to make their performances so lively and Hogan did a great job at manipulating their actions. The characters have such flashy personalities and some of them have sympathetic depth. Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) is a breezy, charming, happy-go-lucky lad who is always up for playful adventures. Wendy (Rachel Hurd-Wood) is also charming; she is a strong and lovely young girl who likes to be a storyteller. I find the chemistry between Peter and Wendy so engaging, as they dance together and just even talk to each other. Aunt Millicent (Lynn Redgrave) is a melodramatic character that I find quite amusing. Tinker Bell (Ludivine Sagnier) is also quite amusing as she uses her fast flying, clever wits, and her theatrical nonverbal emotions. The notorious Captain Hook (Jason Issacs, who also plays George Darling) is a creepy and vicious jerk with a menacing presence. That makes Hook a fearsome force delivering dramatic effect that creates strong tension. The final resolution on how this film ends and how it was structured literally warmed up my heart with delightful joy. In conclusion: Peter Pan is an emotionally dynamic and rollicking fantasy adventure that has tugged at my heartstrings, not to mention that this will enchant the entire family. What a wonderful and rapturous family movie this is, and a brilliant one at that. Highly Recommended!
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David B. Hunter
August 23, 2021
Well this old man he played the movie. This old man thought it was groovy, This old man he played ten he pretended to be Peter Pan flying around with Tinker Bell again. This old man is listening to a squeak in his chest. It's not a mouse I must confess. It's Tinker Bell, I think. She will be out soon. As soon as I get out of this Halloween old man suit. I hope to see everyone at the party for all of who can still remember how to think young. Maybe a round of Kick the Can Episode from the Twilight Zone that aired Feb 9, 1962 . Might help if you need a little help remembering. Or at least you will have some good fun. Call me anything you like. Just don't call me late for dinner! Anyway, Well Done!
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Annie Cromley
June 2, 2015
this movie is practically my whole childhood. I completely grew up with this movie and I can watch it so many times and not get tired of it at all. I use to say to my father "Dad, I'm going to marry Peter Pan" I use to write letters and notes and give them to my dad to send to him, keep my window open at night. it's just those little things that will always stay in my heart wherever I go :) In Conclusion, life changing movie :)
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