Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai

2008 • 89 minutes
299 reviews
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About this movie

Ash may think he’s seen everything when it comes to Pokémon, but is he ready to face the mysterious Darkrai in this awesome adventure? On their way to a Pokémon Contest, our heroes pass through Alamos Town, home of the Time-Space Tower. Ash and his friends discover that something is causing terrible nightmares for Pokémon and people alike! The arrogant Baron Alberto immediately blames the Mythical Pokémon Darkrai…who then appears and confronts our heroes! Who is Darkrai? Is it a friend...or foe? As the sky tears above Alamos Town and the Legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia emerge, their ensuing battle threatens to rip a hole in the time-space continuum! Will Ash and his friends withstand this showdown and learn Darkrai’s true nature?
299 reviews
Jordan Creagmile
April 25, 2019
i love this movie because nantic the pokemon company did an amazing effects for the 2 pokemon Dialga and Palkia meanwhile when those to are busy with there fight,it starts to distroy the town with the pokemon gods fighting when darkrai apperers in the garden so darkrai is trying to stop the fight in frount of Ash, Brook and Dawn so ash and dawn whent inside the space-time tower but suddently darkrai dissapers
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Shira Rees
August 26, 2019
My favorite Pokemon movie of all time. Has one of the best songs of the movies, and just a really good piece in general! Also has some emotional moments to it and even a decent plot!
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Pagan lirious
September 10, 2016
i love this movie ever since it came out. its soo amazing and very suspensful in every conflict. i could probably talk about this movie everyday.
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