Possessor: Uncut

2020 • 104 minutes
51 reviews
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About this movie

Uncut and uncensored from auteur Brandon Cronenberg, Tasya Vos invades the minds of others to make them carry out high-profile assassinations. But when she encounters a strong willed host, struggling for control reaches a violent pinnacle.
51 reviews
Adam A
November 26, 2020
There weren't too many 2020 films, so this may not sound as much a compliment as I intend, but for me it was the year's best film. It's very tense and nihilistic and violent and just... dark, but it's also incredibly well made. This felt like a very tightly controlled film. Nothing I saw here in any way distracted me or kept me chasing after false leads. I was never preoccupied or bored. The violence was a bit much, but it fits - it doesn't feel out of place or gratuitous, but it does terrify, which is what I believe the intent to be. Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott were perfect in their roles [instrumental in guiding the suspension of disbelief] and it is clear that Cronenberg and Bean must have shared some wicked laughs here. 5 stars. I plan on getting myself a copy. I don't plan on watching it again any time soon, but I will watch it again.
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Imherenow 991
December 21, 2020
Awesome movie, definitely uncut, love the firepoker scene. Edit: If your looking to buy this on dvd I would look for the bluray version, theres two diffrent kind, Possessor and Possessor Uncut the film you just watched, not many diffrences other than the dick scene which they cut out of possessor and leaves that scene feeling like it missed something, and the eyeball scene is also not in the cut version, hope this helped someone, the cut version isnt much less bloodier or sexual.
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Nicolas Roop
December 19, 2020
Finally, a genuinely interesting and original movie. Loved it, thought it was one of the best of the year for sure. Highly recommended, but not for the squeamish. It is ghastly violent in parts, and sexual(more so the first half), so definitely don't watch with family.
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