1983 • 169 minutes
3.83K reviews
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Al Pacino gives an unforgettable performance as Tony Montana, on of the most ruthless gangsters ever depicted on film, in this gripping crime epic inspired by the 1932 classic of the same title. Directed by hit-maker Brain DePalma and produces by Martin Bregman who brought both Godfather legends to the screen, Scarface follows the violent career of a small-time Cuban refugee hoodlum who guns his way to the top of Miami's cocaine empire. With its intense screenplay by Academy Award-winner Oliver Stone, driving musical score by Giorgio Moroder, and superb insights into Miami's Latin lifestyle, Scarface joins the ranks of Hollywood's greatest underworld dramas, as it lays bare the sordid power of the American drug scene.
3.83K reviews
A Google user
October 3, 2018
One of my favorite movies of all time (Tony Montana nails in every scene imo). I'm not writing this review to talk about what's good what's not blah blah. I'm writing this to let you guys know that there is a weird situation when purchasing/renting movies from Google Play Store (Mobile App) and streaming those titles on your 4K Smart TVs (either through Youtube or Google Play Store TV apps). In case you purchase/rent ANY movie from Google Play Store (Mobile App) either in HD (for this movie) or 4K (for other movies) just BE AWARE that movies only play in SD (480p & Poor Audio Quality) when you watch on 4K LED Smart TV apps (I faced the same issue on both Samsung and LG 4K LED + HDR Smart TV). I already reported this issue multiple times to both Google and YouTube communities. The only workaround is to purchase/rent a movie on your PC/laptop by going to website. I purchased and rented other 4K titles from Google Play Store website on my laptop, it works fine when I play those same movies on my 4K Smart TV. However, I purchased Wonder Woman in 4K via Google Play Store (Mobile App), when I tried watching that movie on my 4K TV, it plays SD quality. BE AWARE!
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Jenna JeN jEn
December 15, 2012
If you've never seen this movie, you will be out of the loop forever. Yes, there is violence, drugs and strong language. But the story warrants all of this. Scarface is unique in that, it doesn't need to rely on sex scenes and flailing gun fights to tell a great story. At the core of this movie there is real heart. This movie has continued to influence American pop culture in numerous aspects--from music, movies and even gaming.
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Sterlin Rivera
October 3, 2016
"Scarface" is without a doubt my all-time favorite movie. It is nothing more than an instant classic and a huge masterpiece. Al Pachino did an extremely outstanding job as Tony Montana, the quotes that Montana had were unforgettable, the story was fantastic, the ending is the best part, and most of all, it is the best gangster/drama movie I have ever seen! This movie should not get a 5 out of 5. It should get a "broke the scale" rating because of how fantastic this movie is. I totally recommend it.
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