1997 • 127 minutes
3.4K reviews
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About this movie

The nuts and bolts of the irresistibly danceable music called Tejano are pop, rock, polka, R&B and Latin influences. To millions of fans there's another vital ingredient: the dynamic singer Selena. Vibrant and tuneful, Selena is the story of the Grammy Award-winning South Texas singer whose life tragically ended just as she was taking Tejano where it had never gone-into mainstream America. Pulsating with Selena's voice on the soundtrack and made with the participation of her family, the film brims with authenticity. It excitingly recreates the early life of a little girl who dreamed big, hit the road in the band bus named Big Bertha and whose concerts became electrifying events. In the title rose, Jennifer Lopez is herself electrifying. Edward James Olmos, Jon Seda and others also shine in "a poignant, heartwarming movie that deserves a standing ovation" (Jules Peimer, WKDM-Radio/New York). MPAA Rating: PG

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3.4K reviews
NaviOfWisdom98 _
April 9, 2016
This movie still makes me cry, and want to hear Como La Flor! I love to sing and dance just like her, even though she fools around! She is such a nice person. Beyonce even met Selena before being famous! I was so surprised. But I am still sad about her death. The killer... Is going to be released in 2025 if I remember right. I don't want her to get out of jail. And if she does, the fellow people from Texas is going to rage.
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Erica Simpson
November 29, 2017
Jennifer Lopez did an awesome and beautiful job! The first time I watched this movie was when I was around 8 or 9 years old. I wish I could of met this woman. She was natural, beautiful, had a beautiful heart and was real. More real than these singers we hear today. She would of been 46 years old in the year of 2017 and still would of been blowin' the music industry to flames for the Hispanics and Americans. I love the fact that she was versatile in English and Spanish and she sung it and spoke it very well. Even though I never knew her being alive in person or on Television I miss her and I wish I could of got to see her in person. She trusted people and believe that they would not hurt her. I believe if she would of had body guards, This beautiful angel would still be with us and alive today. This is maybe my fourth or fifth time watching Selena. Best believe I will be watching her soon, again. I love you SELENA!!!!! Every time it comes to the ending and they announce that she passed away and she sings: Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you......My heart just begins to hurt.....I wish I could give this movie more than 5 stars.....
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Maria Acosta
November 16, 2020
I watched this movie when my daughter, that looked so much like the child actress, was the same age as young Selena was in the movie. Every time I have watched the movie's end, when she dies & they flashback to a young Selena, I start to cry. My youngest daughter wanted to watch this. She's 19 right now. She asked why so many people cry when they watch the movie. I told her it's hard to describe what we as Mexicans & Mexican Americans lost when she died. She was the trailblazer of her time.
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