2022 • 158 minutes
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About this movie

Shamshera (Ranbir Kapoor) was the leader of Khameran, a warrior tribe who were deceitfully imprisoned and enslaved in the fort of Kaza by the treacherous Shuddh Singh (Sanjay Dutt). Their rebellious leader, Shamshera, tried to escape the fort to earn the price of his tribe's freedom but was unsuccessful. Twenty-five years later, Shamshera's son Balli (Ranbir Kapoor), blissfully unaware of his past, had grown up aspiring to be a police officer. He was the leader of a gang of kids, teaching them to steal petty things he collected to gift his lover, Sona (Vaani Kapoor). Balli and Sona shared an innocent, platonic relationship. One fateful day Balli was punished mercilessly by Shuddh Singh for wanting to be an officer. Finally, his distraught mother revealed the secret of their dark past. An agitated Balli rebelled and escaped the fort. Balli then began the adventurous journey to the outside world, where many of his father's old confidants awaited the arrival of the next Shamshera. With the help of them and Sona, they started looting the arrogant upper caste of Kaza to accumulate the price of their tribe's freedom. As matters worsen, the British government assigned an officer, Freddy Young, to deal with the case. Freddy was a fierce and loyal officer yet a compassionate man. As he digs deeper into the history of the Khameran tribe, he realises the actual cause of their fight. In the meantime, Balli and the gang continue to accumulate the gold required for their freedom. But things did not go as planned. Lost and distraught, only one option remains with Balli. He must prove his worth to be the true Shamshera who can win the freedom of his people back.

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