Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

2011 • 128 minutes
5.98K reviews
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About this movie

The game is afoot once more! Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law reprise their roles as Holmes and Watson in the supersleuth sequel to the mystery megahit that minted over a half billion dollars worldwide. While vying with Watson's soon-to-be wife for the Doctor's time and attention, the detective extraordinaire matches wits with his arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty (Mad Men's Jared Harris), a criminal genius who's conspiring to make a fortune by manufacturing the next generation of wartime weaponry that the world's great powers will be forced to use against one another... once Moriarty succeeds in provoking World War I, of course. Joining the dynamic duo on their adventure is a feisty gypsy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace) and Sherlock's craftier but crazier older brother Mycroft (Stephen Fry).
5.98K reviews
A Google user
July 10, 2012
Why do they sell stuff that they know wont eork. come on google dont you have enough money. 4 bucks for 24 hours of buffering.
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Righteous Brother
November 21, 2014
Comedy aspect: 5 star material. Story: 5 star material. Acting: 5 star material, there is absolutely nothing about this movie that was wrong. Not that I have anything against Sherlock Holmes or Robert Downey Jr, but I would never have expected this as an outcome from the two. I am so confident in this film, that I'd be willing to say that this is arguably one of the top ten greatest movies made for the years of 2000.
A Google user
June 15, 2012
This movie is a travesty on Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. The joy of the real stuff is the intellectual challenges Holmes faces and his near-magical powers of observation and deduction. Sherlock Holmes stories are NOT action-filled. Whether this movie is any good or not, it is about as far from the real stories as one could get. THIS MOVIE IS THE WORST ADAPTATION OF STORIES IN PRINT THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN, AND, BEING 77 YRS OF AGE, I'VE SEEN MANY OF THEM. A NEW LOW IN MOVIE PORTRAYAL OF A WONDERFUL CHARACTER IN THE BOOKS. IF FREE TO DO SO, I WOULD GIVE IT MINUS 5 STARS, OR A 5 STAR BLACK HOLE RATING. TERRIBLE !!
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