Spirit Untamed: The Movie

2021 • 87 minutes
66 reviews
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About this movie

Spirit Untamed is the next chapter in the beloved franchise full of adventure, family and friendship. Free-spirited Lucky Prescott moves to Miradero to join her estranged father. She is decidedly unimpressed with the sleepy town until she discovers a unique tie to her late mother, who was a fearless horse-riding stunt performer. She quickly forms a bond with a wild mustang named Spirit and makes two new pals who love horses as much as she does. When a heartless wrangler plans to capture Spirit and his herd, Lucky and her friends set off on an epic journey to rescue the horse who has given her an unbreakable connection to her mother's legacy.
66 reviews
Danielle Culler
October 3, 2021
Spirt untamed was poorly written, it included “heck” in it, The characters looked younger than the series, the storyline was poorly written like: when she goes out into the wilderness. they made her look like she had 95 o/o idiocy example: when her father asks her to not go on your horse,I mean like her mother died falling off a horse! And she does not listen. They did not show her struggling over her mother dying, Plus, it had an awful ending where there like: you need a horse and then shows spirt and his herd running. BUT! The series was better like way better!!! Please don’t watch this movie! Even the original spirt was better! The review has been done by an 9 year old.
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Timber wolf
August 23, 2021
Garbage don't watch at all nothing like the first one would give 0 stars. Wait to ruin spirit for us who know the original movie is the best and not a dumb rip-off that never should have been made. Waste of money and time don't buy or watch absolutely a bad movie.
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Nina Halim
July 20, 2021
It's a really good movie, I have seen the original Spirit Stallion Of the Cimmiron and it's just amazing. One thing I thought was off was the size of Spirit or the size of Lucky. Either Spirits' to tall or Lucky is to Short. Spirit is a Mustang, and Mustangs tend to be shorter then normal horses. Oh and Lucky needs her mole or dimple under her left eye.
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