Starship Troopers

1997 • 129 minutes
1.1K reviews
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About this movie

STARSHIP TROOPERS charts the lives of elite members of the Mobile Infantry, a corps of dedicated young men and women soldiers fighting side-by-side in the ultimate intergalactic war...the battle to save humankind. The enemy is mysterious and incredibly powerful with only one mission: survival of their species no matter what the human cost.
1.1K reviews
Tracy Williamson
June 22, 2022
First of all no military officer throws a knife at a privates hand,if that happened to me that officer wouldn't be walking anymore, also the main characters ex was unnecessary don't add drama tht actually happens in real life and making people have to think abt tht type of stuff. Also the main character getting whipped is unrealistic, any officer who'd try to do tht these days would get court marshaled or even get their butt kicked or even killed by the person they're attempting to do tht to.
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April 4, 2017
Paul verhoeven should consider making movies not political commentary. Too bad we're hoping was allowed so much Leverage to warp and twist Starship Troopers as a tool for politics. It's really quite sad that he dragged in the mire Michael Ironside. The matte paintings. The modeling and the Artistry involved in the crafting of the special effects it's worth seeing. Not the movie. The graphics involving The Starships. Everything else from the fascist message to the hyperbolic ham-fisted propaganda aimed specifically at the United States it's really quite sad knowing verhoeven had such control over this product.
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Boushikage Sagat
October 1, 2018
The movie was supposed to be cheesy, campy, and over political... That was the point. But with great acting from Michael Ironside "I expect each and every one of you to do the same for me" and a pre-B-movie Casper Van Dien, it smashes the competition. It was supposed to be a summer blockbuster, not an instant classic, so don't go in expecting Inception. Also, the book was probably never going to have an honestly good adaptation. Imagine Hollywood messing with the third alien race... I like this one, it's for my shelves for sure.
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