Straight Outta Compton

2015 • 146 minutes
1.64K reviews
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About this movie

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON tells the true story of how five young cultural rebels -- armed only with their lyrics, swagger, bravado and raw talent -- stood up to the authorities that meant to keep them down and formed the world's most dangerous group, N.W.A.. And as they spoke the truth that no one had before and exposed life in the hood, their voice ignited a social revolution that is still reverberating today. (Original Title - Straight Outta Compton) - 2015 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved
1.64K reviews
DaVid RaMiReZ
October 24, 2021
No me gusto que no mostrarán completa la pelea que tuvo eazy-e y dr.dre, y todas las canciones que cada uno se le dedico al otro insultandolo como lo es "real muthaphuckkin g's". También hay unos que otros momentos que no son completamente preciosos o pasaron de otra forma un poco diferente a como lo muestran en la película, pero pues la película es buena, es entretenida sobre todo en las partes donde crean las canciones y en los conciertos.
Bryan D
January 26, 2019
great movie . long overdue to pay tribute and show the struggles these talented artists went through at the beginning of there stellar careers. which are still going strong for Dr DRE & Ice Cube to this Present day... RESPECT HARD ..... R.I.P EZY E ...
May 24, 2017
Актерская игра на высоте. По внешности тоже подобраны актеры хорошо. Но некоторые моменты из реальных событий забыты ( диссы Дре на Изи и наоборот ), последние дни Эрика и др. )
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