Super Troopers

2002 • 100 minutes
131 reviews
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About this movie

Committed to pranks and a love of syrup, the Super Troopers have turned arrest into an art form and become specialists at screwing with motorist's minds while screwing up on the job. For these highway patrolmen, the only thing better than a good prank is one-upping arch rivals - the Spurbury Local Police. But the town isn't big enough for both police forces. Budget cuts mean one force will have to go, and odds are that means the highway "super" troopers will be the first to go. Aware of the fact that their heads are on the chopping block, the super troopers try to play by the rules until a dead body, a stash of pot and an obscene little monkey enter the scene. They immediately spring into action, but, the local police are also quickly on the case. A race to catch the bad guys ensues as both forces hysterically try to become the local heroes.
131 reviews
AlienRabb1t fromplanetnocarrotswewantpizza
October 21, 2017
Meow i loved the flow of this title more than pot planting weed just to prove weeds can look nice when,,,,umm dang i lost my where im going train thing. Anywhore, its funny as shi men master bating hooks only to smell like they went hunting beaver.I give 10 bucks over and im slappin, with LOLs till it hurt. Meow it had some slow bits, but that gives time to heal and enjoy a bongo solo as the story ramps up and, WT truck is this, the monkey, the monkey is the key?The speeding high german dude who can speak spainish cracks it and as luck would have it the cops with him are making it a riot ending. If you love to lol while high with mates this meow is the movie for you. 8/10, just b/c nothing is perfect, but a P2 but its really Ep4 only in the future because time travel makes no sense and but they need to get coco the monkey before they find the dead girl because after she was taken out over there near behind where she was in the present, a tree feel on the killer and he dropped his ledger with all his drug deals with Donald Trump thus he never becomes President and moves to North Korea where he kum in kim in peace for ever more.....
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A Google user
June 16, 2018
Over the years I have watched this movie SO many times. Love it!
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Anthony O'Hanlon
August 20, 2016
Stumbled upon this and found a hidden gem.
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