Synecdoche, New York

2008 • 123 minutes
164 reviews
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From the writer of Adaptation, Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Theater director Caden Cotard (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is mounting a new play. His life catering to suburban blue-hairs at the local regional theater in Schenectady, New York is looking bleak. His wife Adele (Catherine Keener) has left him to pursue her painting in Berlin, taking their young daughter Olive with her. Worried about the transience of his life, he leaves his home behind. He gathers an ensemble cast into a warehouse in New York City, hoping to create a work of brutal honesty. He directs them in a celebration of the mundane, instructing each to live out their constructed lives in a growing mockup of the city outside. The years rapidly fold into each other, and Caden buries himself deeper into his masterpiece, but the textured tangle of real and theatrical relationships blurs the line between the world of the play and that of Caden's town deteriorating reality. © 2008 Kimmel Distribution, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
164 reviews
A Google user
October 24, 2017
Anyone rating this movie less than at least 4 stars obviously wasn't able to follow along with the story, or the message behind it. It is a masterpiece that makes you realize how quickly time passes and how important relationships with loved ones are. The entire cast did a brilliant job bringing the script to life. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars because this movie truly deserves it.
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April 13, 2020
This movie takes you on an artistic, complex journey through the sad, pathetic life of a failing and chronically procrastinating theater director. Most everything in this movie is exaggerated and if you come into this movie expecting to take it seriously you will be dissapointed and confused. If you accept the artistic format and portrayal of this fictional man's life, you will be deeply moved and impressed by talented actors and direction of this move. A great piece of art and cinema. 5*
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Mohamed Izlanshah
May 15, 2020
this film is just one giant existential crisis. watched this a night ago and i have not stopped thinking about it. you will never find another film this original, this absurd, this crazy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the mind of Charlie Kaufman. it is simultaneously the funniest, most depressing and the scariest movie i have ever had the pleasure of watching.
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