Taken 3

2015 • 108 minutes
5.43K reviews
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About this movie

Liam Neeson returns as ex-government operative Bryan Mills, whose life is shattered when he’s framed for a murder that hits close to home. Pursued by a savvy police inspector (Forest Whitaker), Mills must rely on his “particular set of skills” one last time to evade the authorities, hunt down the real killers, and protect the only thing that matters to him now — his family.
5.43K reviews
September 17, 2016
I have no idea why the writers for this film decided to develop a storyline that has nothing to do with the series (It seems like they simply slapped a well-known name onto an extremely generic action film to bring in the numbers) 💰💲💵💴💶💷💸💱
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Gian Dagostino
August 11, 2015
Ya dejen de poner al 3 como una e. Es la pelicula man épica de la trilogia de busqueda implacable. La vi y es increíble,triste y alucinante,es la pelicula cargada de acción.es mi favorita
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Weeabo Jones
August 20, 2015
Dont get me wrong the first one was amazing, second one was alright, but this one doesnt even match up with the other ones and they kept doin tge same scenes from the first movie. Waste of time tbh
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