1981 • 126 minutes
116 reviews
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About this movie

The riveting tale that took America by storm is now an unstoppable force: TAPS: 25th Anniversary Edition packs an arsenal of extras including an all-new, on-camera interview with Timothy Hutton, an Audio Commentary, two Featurettes and more! "Unequivocally thought-provoking" (Variety) and "spiked with beautiful performances (Los Angeles Times) from a cast including Timothy Hutton, Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, and George C. Scott, this definitive edition of the jarring film delivers an emotional wallop!

When a fiercely devoted group of Military School cadets learn that their school is being sold to real estate developers, they refuse to accept defeat...instead choosing to rise up together to protect the Academy and their honor. But the brave young soldiers soon learn that the most courageous decisions can sometimes have unexpected -- and even fatal -- consequences!
116 reviews
benjamenYTDead TheGamer
April 12, 2017
This movie made me tear up a little :') Something​ a movie hasn't done in a long, long time! And I respect it for this. The beginnings pretty uninteresting. But it gets better the farther the movie progress. That ending dœ…kinda meh, but it's good enough. I can't really state how the movie made me feel throughout it all, all I can say is, just take a look at it. Personally, I would have liked to see a war between the two, but the way it is is good enough. It's not the best movie ever, but it's not the wrost. Especially for a movie from 1981 (°_°) Unlike this review XD If you can even call it that…
Coiled Steel
January 30, 2019
I'm a Vietnam era vet and was stunned by this riveting movie. I know there were other Vietnam Vets there in theater with me. At certain points i could hear them weeping. Sacramento, California was in a big area filled with 4 nearby Military Bases in 1981.
Leslie D.
May 2, 2017
All star cast as children (Where are they now? Lol!) in a powerful drama. Which leader will the other cadets follow? Which leader do they fear most? Great storyline, excellent casting, and during its time--a display of budding talent.